Tuscany Elopement

Zenia always dreamed of an Italian wedding, but once the planning started, they quickly realized how unlikely it would be to gather all their friends and family for a destination wedding. Since they are a USA couple but with parents and friends in thailand, the cost and logistics just seemed impossible.

Once they settled for a local and traditional wedding, things just felt off for both. That is when zenia recalled how one of her childhood friends eloped to Bali a couple of years back. They had never

thought about an elopement before. Still, there was nothing to discuss

when they looked into Italy and all the possibilities.

They did not consider themselves an adventurous couple. They had the idea about elopements being always in the middle of nowhere, with hiking or swimming involved. But as they researched more about couples that eloped, they quickly understood that an elopement is whatever you want it to be:

there are no written rules.

When eloping became a reality, marlon and zenia had a tough decision to make, chose a specific location within Italy's many beautiful cities. The finalists were Rome and Florence, both cities with plenty of historic buildings and similar architecture. The tie-breaker was crowding. Being a miami couple, they did not want to go from a busy city to another. It was all settled, a Florence elopement was on the making.

And here is where I jumped on the boat or plane? marlon and zenia contacted me before making any more plans which I highly appreciated because I love to be part of the whole process. The only thing they were certain of was the location for their elopement. Now it was time to get into the details.

When we first talk about their expectations, they told me they wanted to enjoy a sunny day outdoors. She pictured her photos wearing a modern but romantic wedding dress, walking around Florence with a delicate floral bouquet. The look in both eyes as they described a perfect day was so sweet and full of hope,

I could see true love between them.

So, we settled the date for april, when the weather is pleasant, and right before the busy hot summer months. It was now time to talk about the plans they had for their big day. They chose to elope solo and celebrate later with their nearest and dearest back home, so their big day did not involve anyone else.

It all started as a dream, a calm morning in Florence. They got ready together and in a very relaxed mood. I shared and captured precious moments with each one, getting ready to say I do and start a life with your loved one does not happen every morning.

zenia had a gorgeous white wedding dress, with a modern top that mimicked a mesh and a low back that provided the wow factor. The vaporous skirt of her dress fitted perfectly into the romantic setting, and her hair and make-up were natural but flawless; she was a bride. marlon went for a super stylish typical thai skirt,that perfectly suited his personality.

After capturing the first look, we started to walk around. We began early to avoid crowds; Florence mornings are charming. You can feel a light breeze, hear the many churches' bells,

and enjoy the beauty of the surroundings.

so after this nice walk around the centre of florence, we headed to the medieval little town of san gimignano: there we found a secret garden with even cherry tree full blossoming: just the perfect place for a special and intimate exchange of vows and rings.

Once the ceremony location was settled, the rest fell into place like magic. san gimignano is so romantic, and every corner you turn I knew we had many spots nearby to take awesome pictures.

As the day came closer, I noticed how the excitement was building up. I was scouting for the perfect scenarios to portrait their love, which honestly is not that hard when you have tuscany as a backdrop. This couple made me realize how beautiful elopements are. When you take off the pressure of traditions and expectations, you do what you really want. And the trust and freedom they gave me meant the world.