If you’re planning to go on an elopement for your wedding, then you might want to consider eloping to Lake Como. Many couples have gotten married in beautiful Lake Como elopements, with amazing views and a romantic atmosphere. So if you’re looking for a location for your elopement, this is the place for you, here you will find Lake Como elopement packages and some details about this gorgeous place that will make it your favorite elopement location.

Lake Como is a beautiful body of water located in Northern Italy, originated from glacial activity, and is regarded as the third biggest lake in Italy and the fifth deepest lake in Europe. This location is historically famous for its beauty and exclusiveness, being a popular place for aristocrats since the times of the Roman Empire. It has been called “The Most Beautiful Lake in the World” by The Huffington Post for its great climate and amazingly beautiful villas and venues.

Nowadays, it’s a great place for elopers who enjoy luxury, outdoor activities, and beautiful views. Eloping to Lake Como is a great option for anyone looking for a wedding that resembles fairy tales, with Lake Como’s magical venues, gardens, and shores.

Why you should elope to Lake Como.

If you’re wondering why you should elope to Lake Como, well, there are many reasons to do so that will definitely convince you. First, there are the sceneries of beautiful deep blue waters, surrounded by alpine foothills and rich green slopes, along with the picturesque lakeside villas of ancient architecture and romantic atmosphere, which together make for beautiful elopement pictures.

There’s also a rustic and very romantic side to this location, which is surrounded by local farms that produce some of the best produce you can get, such as honey, olive oil, salami, cheeses, and some other delicacies. This all comes together with the amazing and world-renowned restaurants located in the nearby towns, where you can explore the unbelievable flavors of Italian cuisine and enjoy some quality time with your partner as newlyweds.

Lake Como elopements are amazing for all these reasons. Still, there are many more, such as the great hotels and resorts, the great lake activities, and the vast landscapes that make for great outdoor activities.

The activities you can do during your elopement in Lake Como are perfect for the outdoors-type of person. There are multiple locations along the lake where you and our partner can go on hikes, explore the beautiful landscapes or just enjoy the atmosphere of this gorgeous destination. And if views are what you’re after, you’ll get them if you decide to elope to Lake Como, where there are even aerial tours over the amazing beauty of this great location.

If you’re looking forward to enjoying the most out of the lake, you can book a boat ride and even arrange some food service on the boat, which makes for an amazing summer fantasy for your elopement in Lake Como.

When to visit Lake Como.

Lake Como elopements are amazing because of their natural beauty, outdoor activities, and beautiful sceneries for photoshoots, so you want to make sure weather isn’t an issue during your elopement. Lake Como is great during the summer, especially in June, July, and August, but that’s usually the high season for tourists so that prices can go up, or there can be other couples wanting to elope

and reserve the venues vendors of Como.

If you want to visit Lake Como during the high season, you should try to book vendors and venues as early as one year before your elopement. You can also try to elope during May or September when there’s also great weather, but not many tourists visiting this location; just be mindful that not many venues open outside of summertime, which can make it difficult to find a place, but not impossible.

Finally, Lake Como does not really have winter elopements since most venues are closed, and it’s not a great location for winter eloping. So if you’re looking for a winter fantasy elopement, this might not be your place, but there are many others to choose from, and if you keep reading along,

you might fall in love with this location.

Tips for eloping to Lake Como.

Eloping to a foreign location can be scary and intimidating, as well as stressful; that’s why you’ll want to surround yourself with experts on the matter, such as a local wedding planner or one that knows the location, and the same goes for an elopement photographer. Both wedding planners and photographers will serve your elopement greatly with their expertise, providing you with the best experience ever.

Photographers and wedding planners will be your best allies when looking for local vendors since they know the best florists, catering services, boutiques, restaurants, and venues. This will save you a lot of time, stress, and bad experiences since you will have the advice of an expert who has worked on similar elopements.

Transportation is also a big part of an elopement in Lake Como since most accesses are through the lake itself. You’ll want to make sure you book boat and shuttle services, especially if you plan to include guests in your elopement adventure. Make sure to also allocate a part of your budget on these transportation services and even consider some sort of car rental service for any extra moving around you might have to do.

Another great piece of advice is to relax, which is easier said than done. Still, you have to remember that eloping is an alternative for couples who want to take some time away by themselves or maybe with a small group of guests, but always moving away from the usual stress that comes with a traditional wedding. This is something a wedding planner or experienced photographer can help you with, taking away a lot of stress,

so you can fully enjoy your elopement adventure.

Places in Lake Como for your ceremony.

One of the most important parts of an elopement is the ceremony, where you will swear eternal love towards your special someone, read your vows, share a special moment, and have a meaningful and deeply meaningful ceremony that celebrates your love. Whether it is a religious ceremony, a legal one, or maybe just a symbolic ceremony, the place is a major factor.

When choosing a place for your Lake Como elopement ceremony, there’s an overwhelming amount of different villas, venues, and some other places you can rent out for your wedding, but here are some of the best ones for you to pick or maybe get some ideas.

First, there’s Villa Pizzo, an amazingly beautiful venue located on the lakeside of Como, with land that stretches all the way to the top of a hill. This piece of land has a history dating back to 1453, and since then has been a place of luxury for weddings of all types, and now it can also be home to your elopement ceremony.

There’s also Villa Balbianello, a villa built upon the rests of a Franciscan monastery turned into a magical place for weddings and sometimes a filming location for Hollywood films. This is a great choice because of its view directly to Lake Como through its three beautiful huge arcs of ancient architecture.

Lastly, there’s Villa Balbiano, an icon of luxury in Lake Como, located on the western shore of this amazing lake. With a history of aristocratic festivals and celebrations dating back to the 15th century, this venue will serve as the perfect fairytale location for your elopement in Lake Como.