Happy couple traveling. Beautiful view of the Lofoten, Norway.



I believe in couples that are simply made to be. Those souls that fit exactly right into each other's life, where there are ups and downs throughout the relationship,

but their immense love and comprehension for the other wins every time.

That type of simple but meaningful love is what I witnessed when Johanna and Karl reached me to plan their elopement IN NORWAY. Since high school, they have been together, and the idea of a traditional wedding never appeals to them. Why should they plan a stressful and complicated event

if they knew they were meant to be.

Happy couple traveling. Wedding couple travelers on a hill in Norway, Kvalvika. Beautiful view of the beach, Lofoten, Norway.

Still, even if a traditional wedding was not their style, they wanted to take a moment and celebrate their relationship, have wonderful memories of their vows exchange and pictures to treasure that celebration. One day he told her we should go to Norway. Being a Copenhagen couple,

they could be there in a matter of hours, but it always seemed a long trip for both.

They own a tattoo shop in Copenhagen. They both have been attracted to visit the Norway archipelago for quite some time. Since the Lofoten Islands are known for their tranquility and active efforts to preserve the local environment, culture, and nature, it was a trip they had in mind.

Happy couple traveling. Beautiful view of the beach, Lofoten, Norway.

One day Karl was wrapping his mind around the idea of getting married, perhaps an intimate ceremony, but even if it was a small gathering, they had to hire catering, rent tables, and chairs,

and then decoration, invitations, it all came down to organizing and investing time.

He closed his eyes and had a vision, Johanna wearing a white dress with beautiful mountains and the ocean as background, just the two of them enjoying nature and spending the whole day together. Then, he stood up and told her, let's go FOR AN ELOPEMENT IN Norway, let's get married there, just you and me. She smiled with disbelief. What are you saying? And kept doing her things, but not a minute went by when she realized it was the perfect plan, the perfect location to say I do: no pressure, no expectations,

no decoration, just their love.

Happy couple traveling. Wedding couple travelers on a hill in Norway, Kvalvika. Beautiful view of the beach, Lofoten, Norway.

The same day they were looking for accommodation and flights. It was final. An elopement was on the making. At that moment, Johanna realized someone was missing from the plan, an elopement photographer. And who am I to say no to an adventure? When we first spoke, I wanted to know more about their plans and something specific they wished. To my surprise, Johanna and Karl had it all pretty much figured out.

They wanted to visit Hamnøy, a fishing village located on the eastern side of Moskenes Island. This small village features picturesque and historic fishermen red cabins that now serve as comfortable and well-equipped cottages for visitors; they already had booked their room.

And since they did want to have a bit of snow on their pictures and enjoy nature without freezing, April was the month they chose. Even if the weather is unpredictable in the archipelago, chances of below zero temperatures reduce after March. So, we were hoping for good weather

and beautiful landscapes to be on our side.

Happy couple traveling. Wedding couple travelers on a hill in Norway, Kvalvika. Beautiful view of the beach, Lofoten, Norway.

Months went by quickly, and April was here; by the time we met in person, it seemed like we were old friends. They are such genuine human beings. There was no stress, not even a drop of doubt in their eyes;

it was almost like they were renewing vows.

Their wedding day started enjoying the views thru the window of their rorbuer. This red waterfront cottage once served as a seasonal fisherman house. They got ready, nothing fancy, a simple and beautiful white dress with long sleeves and lace details through the neckline.

Karl was in the same mood, relaxed dress pants, button shirt, vest,

and a blazer, along with his favorite boots.

We started with some photos near the village, with all the picturesque tiny cabins as background, along with the mountains that merge into the ocean, creating a perfect postcard image. We kept walking along the shore and stepped into the sand to catch beautiful morning fog views blending with the sea.

Then we went a bit higher for some panoramic views of the landscape. We had talked about the ideal place for their vows exchange and symbolic ceremony. Still, they insisted that there was no need to choose ahead. The place was going to reveal to them. As a photographer, I like to plan ahead, but if I learned something with Johanna and Karl is how the best moments happen without intervention and planning.

Happy couple traveling. Wedding couple travelers on a hill in Norway, Kvalvika. Beautiful view of the beach, Lofoten, Norway.

As we reached a peak where a tiny spot where you could see the mountains still covered with white snow and the waves reaching the sand, they looked at each other, and I knew that was the place. They sat down and shared a pure moment of love, and I enjoyed capturing such an epic image.

We kept exploring the surroundings since Hamnøy is a fishing village. Many small boats spread along the coastline and perfectly frame the scene. A few more places were still left to visit; while reaching one, I asked them to stand in the middle of a road with a breathtaking mountain at the end and lush green trees to each side of the way. They started to joke and suddenly were running towards me holding hands,

a moment I could not have planned better.

Heading back to their cabin where they had plans to spend the rest of the evening after eating at a famous local restaurant, I quickly realized why many couples prefer to elope. There are no schedules to follow, no rounds around the tables, no formalities, or outdated traditions to please others. And still, you can celebrate with your loved ones back home once your adventure ends, but in a different way.

It is clear to me that when love is strong, all you need is your partner, a destination, and your elopement photographer (that is me) to capture every meaningful moment of your wedding.

And then you can share it or not, you choose; that is the beauty of eloping.

Happy couple traveling. Beautiful view of the Lofoten, Norway.
Happy couple traveling. Beautiful view of the Lofoten, Norway.