If you are getting married, but the idea of spending the whole day trying on every dress available while your friends make observations does not appeal to you, you might find shopping online for your wedding dress exciting.

Perhaps you have considered the idea of shopping online, but common doubts will soon come after you, like what type of dress you want, what an elopement dress should look like, and, more importantly, where to buy a wedding dress online. Well, fear not because this guide will tell you all you need to know to shop online for your wedding dress.

Buying a wedding dress online might arise thoughts regarding cheap knock-offs from questionable online stores, and we all know how those stories end. But not every online shopping trip begins and ends with these horror stories.

Thanks to the immense options in online shopping, there are many alternatives when it comes to styles, trends, and budgets for your wedding dress. And with a little bit of help and guidance, you will be able to find the dress of your dreams; you need to know where to shop!

When choosing a wedding dress, you will have many options, whether it is a vintage style, high-end fashion, designer dresses, locally made dresses, or maybe one dress you have always wanted to wear on your special day. The trick is to figure out what you want for that day and know where to start looking for that style.

How To Choose An Elopement Dress

When choosing a dress for your elopement adventure, there is a lot of things you might be considering, but there are two main things you want to focus on. The first one is that you must love the dress you pick. It is a once-in-a-lifetime decision, and you must be sure that you love the dress you are choosing because you will be wearing it at one of the most important moments of your life and will be seeing the pictures of your wedding for the rest of your life.

The second factor you must consider is comfort, because despite what you might have been told, pain does not equal beauty, and it does not have to hurt to wear the wedding dress of your dreams. Comfort is a decisive factor, especially if you are planning an elopement, since you will be going on an adventure, and you want to be as comfortable as physically possible. You want something that allows freedom of movement, not something that restrains you from living your dream.

And if you are not into tradition, then forgo the white fluffy wedding dress; there are no rules when it comes to what to wear on your special day because it is your day and no one else’s. Do not love white? Then pick whatever color you like! Nowadays, brides wear all sorts of colors at their wedding, be it red, black, gold, or grey, the rainbow is your playground.

An elopement is not a traditional wedding, so why should you be sticking to tradition? You can style whatever you want, even if it is not a dress! You can find various new pieces to wear on your special day that do not imply a dress, whether it is a bridal jumpsuit or even a tailored bridal suit. Do not let tradition hold you back.


If there is something you need to know when online shopping for wedding dresses, it is where to buy, because it is not a regular thing for brides to online shop for their dresses, so more often than not, brides don’t know where to begin on their shopping journey. The websites you visit will make the difference when it comes to what style of wedding dress you are looking for, so you want to make sure you have a vast number of quality online stores; that way, you can assure you will find something that tickles your fancy.

Many unconventional brides with unconventional styles have felt disappointed by the process of wedding dress shopping, maybe because they do not like the options they are offered or because they find it tedious. They have instead chosen to go online shopping for their dress. So, if you are considering going down this path, you are not alone. You have a lot of advice available to guide you on your shopping journey.

So here are some of the best places to buy a wedding dress for your elopement adventure!

Budget Elopement Dresses
If you are worried about your wedding dress getting trashed during your elopement adventure, it is okay; no one wants to spend too much on something that might not end in one piece. These concerns are natural and can be addressed with some budget shopping. Before going on google and starting typing “cheap wedding dresses,” you might want to try looking for white maxi dresses that capture the style of an elopement adventure, and they can also save you some money. Now, there is a good number of websites you can try out to look at wedding dresses under $300:



H & M


About You


Kennedy Blue


Mid-Range Priced Elopement Dresses

Maybe you are willing to pay a little more for your dresses, perhaps because you have a good idea of what you want for your special day. Whatever the reason is, here are some options for elopement dresses under $500, from different designers, multiple styles, and for different types of brides:

  • Revolve
  • The Outnet
  • Monsoon
  • Ivy & Oak
  • Reformation
  • Designer Elopement Dresses Online

    For brides into designer fashion and everything glamorous, there are also options in the online shopping realm. Some wedding dress designers also have their online stores where you can shop for wedding dresses if you have a luxurious taste:

  • Tadashi Shoji
  • Needle & Thread
  • Catherine Deane
  • Kennedy Blue

    For a unique style or brides with specific ideas they want to bring to life, there is always the option to contact a designer and have them custom make the wedding dress you have always dreamed of. Etsy is a great place to find talented designers from all around the globe who can make a handmade elopement dress especially tailored for you:

  • We Are Reclamation
  • Bibi-Luxe
  • Luna Bride
  • Wilderness Brides
  • J Bridal Studio
  • Flutter Dresses

    Do you feel like you have a free, wild soul? Maybe you identify with the bohemian lifestyle, especially if you are planning an elopement adventure. Here are some gorgeous high-end bohemian elopement dresses that you can get online:

  • Grace Loves Lace
  • Daughters of Simone
  • We Are Reclamation
  • Dreamers & Lovers
  • Dresses Aren’t For You? Try A Jumpsuit Or A Suit

    If you are not a fan of wearing dresses or if the elopement adventure you got planned is not quite dress-friendly, you could always shop for bridal jumpsuits and suits. A bold, untraditional, and fashionable look if you want to stand out and look stylish. Luckily for you, there is a bunch of online retail stores offering bridal jumpsuits:

  • Net-A-Porter
  • Flora Vera
  • Lulus
  • By Catalfo
  • Baby Doll Shop
  • Jordan de Ruiter
  • Blush Fashion

    There are options if you want something not brand new and pre-loved, that way, you can get a dress that you do not mind getting dirty or damaged. And some beautiful dresses have already gotten some love from other brides; you only need to know where to look. Here are some places to begin your search:

  • Still White
  • Nearly Newlywed
  • eBay

    Not everyone loves white, and not everyone can style it, or perhaps you do not like tradition. If you want some color to spice up your elopement adventure, or to match a colorful landscape on your elopement destination, here are some places to get some color in your life:

  • Sweet Caroline Styles
  • Tonena on Etsy
  • Diana Pavlovskaya Art
  • Mywony Bridal
  • Kennedy Blue
  • Dessy

    We all know that sizes on wedding dresses are extremely limited, and if you are a plus-sized bride, wedding dress shopping can be a real hurdle. That is why I have gathered some websites where you can find the dress of your dreams, no matter your size.

  • Blush Fashion on Etsy
  • David’s Bridal
  • Torrid
  • Curve Girl
  • I hope this guide has been helpful to know where to start your online search for the perfect elopement dress. Buying online is safer than ever, and you can find the perfect fit regardless of your style, budget, or size. Every bride deserves to enjoy their wedding dress buying experience,

    even if you prefer the online version of it.

    As your elopement photographer, there is nothing I would love more than capturing you feeling like the queen of the world in the right wedding dress. Because confidence comes from within and reflects on your look and your body language, so make sure you choose your dress wisely, and more importantly, contact me to start planning your elopement photos today.