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If you have chosen to go on an elopement to get married and do not know what else to plan, this checklist is for you. Here is the ultimate guide for everything you need to get figured out before your elopement.


Traditional weddings are awfully expensive, even on a budget, so why not repurpose all that money on a memorable trip to the location of your dreams where you will marry the person you love?

You can do many things on an elopement, and it can become overwhelming and stressful to think about all of them.

That is why this checklist will be your best ally.

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Traveling to wherever you want for your wedding is one of the best things about eloping.

It is an adventure and a way to get to visit a place you have always dreamed of.

You can pick any destination you want for your special day. Do you want a fairytale location, perhaps near a castle? Or maybe you dream about an elopement in the mountains or a rural setting? You could also go to a magical location in the Alps if you want! There is no limit to the places you can choose for your elopement to take place.


You do not necessarily have to pinpoint a day and hour for your elopement right now, but you do want to have a rough idea of the season or maybe even the month you want to elope on.

It is especially useful to know what season you will pick, to think about potential elopement activities and if it’s peak tourist season. You can also check out if the location you are looking for has some local holidays

you can enjoy around the time of your elopement.

3. Look for a local photographer or hire one that will travel to your elopement location.

Of course, you need a photographer for your elopement, this is one of the most important moments of your life, and you want someone to document every single second of it beautifully. Especially in an elopement, a photographer is a must-have since you will be at a great destination of your choice that will have amazing photoshoot potential.

For your elopement, you might want to consider a local photographer familiar with the place you are eloping to. A local photographer will also know the best locations, the best and worst times of the year in that region and might also help you with recommendations for planning your elopement!

Of course, you also want a photographer whose work you love, so if local photographers do not convince you, you can always hire one who is familiar with traveling and location scouting. If you decide to pick a photographer who is willing to travel to your location, make sure they are familiar with the location so you can make the most out of your elopement photoshoot.

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4. Confirm dates, book flights, and get your documentation

If you have already chosen a photographer, you can start thinking about a specific date for your elopement. Afterward, you want to make time to look for flights and book them! If the location you have decided on requires a visa or special documentation to travel there, you also want to start looking into that. Ensure your passport is up to date, get a visa if necessary, and check if you need to bring your driver’s license.


When having an elopement, some couples want their friends or family to participate in this beautiful moment. And it is understandable, you might not want a traditional wedding, but you still want your loved ones

to share this unforgettable experience with you.

If you are one of those couples, you must think about sending invitations, working out dates with your guests,

and making sure everyone is down to accompany you on this special day.


You want to consider the time it might take to get your dress ready, so be sure to do this as soon as possible.

Also, remember that many outdoor activities are involved in an elopement,

so you want to be prepared for everything when it comes to your outfits.


Now it is time to prepare everything else that is needed for your elopement ceremony. You want to pick the perfect florist, hire a hair and makeup artist, book someone to conduct the ceremony, get in touch with a videographer,

and hire every other service needed for the elopement of your dreams.

And do not forget the place where you’ll be staying during your elopement. Getting a cute Airbnb is a perfect option for couples, especially with great lighting for gorgeous prep photos. Be mindful of the time you will be staying at your elopement location so you can enjoy your stay.

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An elopement is exciting because of all the activities you can do at the location of your choice. Thinking about all the things you can do can get overwhelming, so you want to make sure you have a timeline

with all the things you want to do during your elopement.

You can do all sorts of activities, from rock climbing to hiking; perhaps some doing some snow sports or enjoying your time inside a ski resort in the Alps. The possibilities are endless, and it depends on the place you have chosen for your elopement, but also what kind of activities you guys enjoy as a couple.

Your photographer can also help with planning activities that will make for amazing

and memorable pictures of your elopement adventure.

9. Buy elopement rings

If exchanging rings will be part of your ceremony, then you need to buy them ahead of time and pick what style of rings you guys want for your ceremony. You may have to order them ahead of time if you want custom-designed rings.

10. Get footwear and accessories appropriate for the weather and terrain

Of course, you want to look amazing on your elopement, but you do not want your heels to get stuck on snow or wet grass. Because of that, you must think about footwear and other accessories you might need for

the specific weather and terrain of your elopement location.

You might need hiking boots or maybe snow grips if you are going for a snowy elopement.

Especially for cold weather or winter elopements, you want to bring some thermal underwear,

maybe get a long-sleeved dress or some nude color leggings.

11. Plan special activities in the country you have chosen for your elopement

Your elopement is not only about the wedding day, but it also is about the trip as a whole, and that includes tourism and getting to know the country you will be visiting. It is a whole different place with a different culture, cuisine, customs, and fun stuff to do! Go all-in on the place you will be traveling to and enjoy every single moment.

You might want to visit a special monument, museum, or maybe an archaeological or historical place. If you like the local food, there might be some traditional restaurants where you can try the country’s cuisine firsthand. Maybe there is a local holiday or festival you can participate in during your elopement,

which will make for an amazing elopement activity.

12. Buy essential items for your elopement

Will you pop champagne after your ceremony? Do you want to get gifts for each other? Maybe you want some cute little notebooks for your vows? Perhaps get a special bottle to drink after your ceremony?

Any special item you will need for your elopement ceremony, you need to figure out where to get it if you can bring it with you or buy it locally. There is no such thing as being too prepared!

13. Buy travel essentials

This might not be an incredibly fun part of your elopement planning, but there are always things

that will make a trip more enjoyable and comfortable.

You might want to get international phone cards to have data during your elopement because you will be going around the town or facetiming your loved ones. If you are traveling to Europe, get the right power adaptors for the plug sockets so you can charge your devices. A nice pillow for your flight is also a

great thing to have. Also, check if you need some new luggage.

14. Prepare your vows

Vow reading is one of the most beautiful parts of an elopement ceremony; it is such an intimate, romantic, and meaningful moment for couples. It might only be a small section of the ceremony,

but it’s one of the most important, and you want to be ready for it.

Think about your vows ahead of time, and maybe start writing down some ideas of what you want to tell your loved one on your special day. One thing that can help is carrying a notepad months before your elopement to never miss out on those sudden rushes of inspiration.

15. Plan your ceremony

Figure out what you want your ceremony to look like, if you want a loved one to conduct the ceremony, maybe some music, religious elements perhaps, or any other ideas you could have for the ceremony.

16. Book a rental car

Your elopement will be an adventure, and you want to be comfortable during it so you can enjoy it fully, so a rental car is helpful when moving around. Get a car that is appropriate for the terrain and your activities,

and you will not regret it.

Now go plan out the elopement of your dreams!

So, there it is, all you need to plan for your elopement!

Have fun planning your special day and remember always to make sure you will have a fun and beautiful experience.

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