A floating city, without cars, surrounded by canals and filled with culture, history, and iconic architecture. Venice is a romantic city, home of gondolas, famous bridges, and many beloved art pieces. A Venice elopement is simply a dream come true; whether you choose to visit the St. Mark's Basilica Square, the Grand Canal, or the Bridge of Sigh, this city has the perfect spot for your elopement ceremony.

The uniqueness of Venice has to do with its buildings being located on top of over one hundred islands; there are no roads, only a big number of canals that communicate this one-of-a-kind city. Its architecture is historic and beautiful to the eye, with gothic masterpieces such as Doge's Palace and

iconic places like Piazza San Marco.

But the cherry on top of the cake must be Rialto Bridge, an ornate structure that hangs over the Grand Canal connecting San Polo to the sestieri of San Marco. Can you imagine having your dreamed elopement on a gondola while you pass by this magnificent piece of architecture?

If you are planning to elope to Venice, I have some advice for you to make the most out of your stay, because this is such a popular city and visitors from all over the globe take the canals each year, you must plan your Venice elopement well ahead.

When is the best time of the year for my Venice elopement?

Venice has a mild weather with cool winters and warm summers. December, January, and February are the coldest months of the year for this ancient city. Temperatures can drop to 0 C, but days are mostly dry; the wet season comes during spring, May is the month with more rainy days. June, July, and August are hot, and you can expect up to 30 C. The rest of the year has mild temperatures and low rain probability.

Well, that was the weather, but how about the high and low seasons? When you choose to elope, the last thing you wish is to navigate thru the crowds and stand in line to get your pictures done. So, it would be recommendable to avoid peak summer season. During the summer, tourists fill the city, and prices go up for accommodation, food, and even tours. If crowds are not your thing, choose a different season.

Another important event is the Venice Carnival, an annual festival that brings up to 3 million visitors during its two weeks of duration. And I know it is tempting to book your elopement for this world-renowned festivity, with all the magic and elaborate masks walking around the city but do keep in mind the costs of everything will increase, and it might get harder to find accommodation.

If you are a couple who prefer to enjoy the city without crowds and make the best out of your budget, my advice is to stay on the low season months. Which are during winter, but you can also find great deals and fewer tourists during late spring and late fall.

A pro tip I should bring out is to consider a yearly phenomenon called aqua Alta, which basically is flooding that affects the access to some major attractions like Piazza San Marco. This happens mainly between November and March. And by flooding, I mean knee-high waters,

which many find more amusing than disturbing.

Legal requirements for your Venice elopement.

Eloping will save you from planning a large event, accommodating your family and friends' requests, and of course, it will save you some money. But at the end of the day, you are still getting married, and you need to fill in some legal requirements.

Getting legally married in Venice is not that much of a hassle as it could be in other countries, especially when you are not an Italian citizen or resident. The whole process should not take more than two months, and it takes time because you must translate your documents and send them to the authorities.

Civil ceremonies in Venice have an increasing demand. If you wish to have a specific date and time, you need to pay close attention to the opening of town hall registrations for next year's marriages, which happens at the end of October or the beginning of November.

Your arrival to Venice should not be more than three days before your wedding day, but this entirely depends on your nationality and the requirements linked to it. If you want to make things easier, I advise hiring an expert to help you with the process, especially if you are not familiar with the language.

The basic requirements are the following.

  • File a "Nulla Osta," which is a certification of capacity to marry. The certificate should be brought to the consulate.
  • Bride and groom should be single or legally divorced.
  • They cannot be relatives of the first or second degree.
  • Bring birth certificates and passports.
  • Two witnesses are necessary.
  • Marriages must be performed in buildings approved by the government.
  • Keep in mind you can also have a symbolic ceremony to avoid the legalities; you can have a legal ceremony at home and choose to exchange vows in the beautiful town of Venice. This option will also allow you to personalize the whole ceremony; all you need to do is find the right officiant and, of course, have me by your side, capturing every beautiful moment.

    What else do I need for my Venice elopement?

    Each elopement is as unique as the couple who is planning it, but in general terms, you will need the following:

  • Transportation.
  • Accommodation.
  • Wedding attire.
  • Ceremony location.
  • Ceremony officiant.
  • Plans after your ceremony.
  • Elopement photographer.
  • As I said, that is a general list because you might want to add some decoration, flowers, a tour, or even an adventure. And if you choose to have guests, you will also need to add a bit to that list because you must manage hotels, itineraries, and activities.

    Accommodation in Venice can go from a simple room to a luxury suite. The difference might be in the services and views, but even if you are eloping on a budget, you can still find amazing accommodation at a great price. To get even better deals to remember to stay off from peak season.

    Your wedding attire always goes according to your style and preferences, but Venice is a romantic city and the perfect backdrop for a dreamy wedding dress. However, I have seen all types of styles looking awesome with the beautiful canals and architecture, from brides wearing modern suits or palazzos to couples wearing a simple and laid-back style. Wear what makes you feel comfortable and like a couple about to say I do.

    For your ceremony location, you can choose a quiet balcony, a romantic and classic gondola, a meaningful celebration at Saint Giorgio Island with Venice as the backdrop, and even exchange vows at Statua di Sant Giovanni Nepomuceno.

    There are plenty of ceremony officiants available to perform your symbolic marriage; make sure you choose one who understands your vision and how meaningful this moment is for you. You should also find someone who speaks your language to make things easier.

    Once your ceremony ends, you might want to take a moment to capture you as a couple around the city of your dreams, and at some point, you will get hungry, so plan your day to make a stop for a romantic diner. You can make arrangements at your hotel or make reservations in your favorite restaurant.

    And finally, it is my time to shine, because as your elopement photographer, I will be with you capturing from the moment you get ready to the ceremony and you strolling as newlyweds around Venice. My goal is to find the essence of your love and portrait it in every shot, and I will be happy to meet you and reflect on your personality as you visit a dreamy location like Venice.