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You made the decision; you want to skip the traditional ceremony and instead take a plane to a wonderful destination to tie the knot. But the world is a big place, and you might feel overwhelmed with all the possibilities, that is why today I am here to tell you all the little secrets of one of my favorite cities in the world, Rome.

Italy has many different locations to offer for your upcoming elopement; you have the countryside, the Tuscany and its vineyards, the lakes area with exclusive and luxurious terraces to say I do, and of course the iconic cities of Florence and Venice. But if you are a person who loves the bustle of a city, museums, ruins, architecture, and of course delicious cuisine, Rome is where you should go.

Rome streets and buildings have seen different civilizations and generations of humans passing by the eternal city has something magical that captures every visitor's heart. And while I must admit I am in love with this city, it is a large city at last, and you can encounter crowds, heavy traffic, and unpleasant situations, but you will have it all under control once you finish reading this amazing set of advice.

Eloping sounds like a piece of cake; you imagine all you need to do is buy your plane tickets and hop on a plane, get there, say I do, and start your new adventure. And it is like that, but still, you need to plan a couple of things before getting on a plane or train.

To start with, you need to have a clear idea of the type of elopement you dream of and write down your needs. For example, do you imagine yourself tying the knot without family and friends, or do you want to have a couple of guests? Do you want a traditional civil ceremony, a religious one, or a symbolic one? Who is going to capture every step of the way? What are your plans after the ceremony ends?

I know, they seem to be a lot of questions, and you wanted to elope in the first place to avoid all those unnecessary planning hassles. But take it step by step and remember that these decisions do not compare to organizing a wedding for hundreds of guests. Now let me help you clear up those details with the following information.

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How to get married in Rome.

When you elope to Rome, you need to know if you are legally getting married there, if you prefer a religious ceremony or just a symbolic one, and get married in your hometown. It is crucial that you make this decision before any other plan because it will determine your elopement location and the overall flow of your day.

- Civil Ceremony. You can choose to have a legal ceremony at one of the three city halls in the eternal city, which are Villa Lais, Caracalla, and Campidoglio. Getting married in one of the busiest cities of the world means your ceremony might be short and less personalized than you might wish for. If you do not know which city hall to choose, let me tell you they are all unique and surrounded by beautiful details and architecture.

Campidoglio is an elegant and formal wedding hall located in the Capitoline Hall on a plaza designed by Michelangelo himself along with two palaces. The views from the top are breathtaking;

you will get to admire the Roman Forum and Colosseum.

Caracalla is located near the Roman Baths ruins. The actual wedding hall is inside a former convent. A beautiful park surrounds the building; it is ideal for a couple who looks more of a rustic aesthetic.

And lastly, Villa Lais is a romantic location, a Roman villa located only 20 minutes from the Historic Center. It features a 19th-century chapel with frescos and a park perfect for your photoshoot.

Regardless of your choice, do keep in mind ceremonies tend to be short, and no ceremonies are celebrated in any of the above locations on Tuesdays.

- Religious Ceremony. Rome is known for having a church on every corner, so if you want to have a religious ceremony, this is the city to do it. Catholic churches ask the same requisites in Rome and any other place in the world. You can also find churches for other faiths.

- Symbolic Ceremony. Many couples prefer this option since it does not involve legal or religious documents, and it is easier to arrange in any location. It also allows you to personalize the wording and the meaningful details of the ceremony. Usually, couples who choose this option get legally married at home and come to Rome for their dreamed adventure elopement.

Vendors needed.

Just like any other wedding, planning an elopement requires involving a vendor or two; this will entirely depend on your expectations and needs. For example, if you want to be glammed up, you will most likely need a hair and makeup artist. For a nice dinner, you could also need to hire a catering service or make reservations at your favorite restaurant. Flowers are also a common need if you want to have a specific aesthetic. And, of course, you will want to capture all the beauty of your elopement and the amazing scenarios of the eternal city when you say I do, so an elopement photographer is a must.

If handling a couple of vendors and organizing your roman elopement seems to be too much for you, or if you do not know where to start or which vendors are trustworthy, you can always hire a local elopement planner who can guide you. And I, as your elopement photographer, can always provide a piece of advice on many matters.

How to choose my attire?

A thought question since this will also depend on your style and needs, but I can provide a piece of general advice for this matter. Think about the activities and places you want to visit throughout the day. Are you comfortable wearing high heels all day while climbing stairs and walking from one place to the next? If not, perhaps you should choose a comfortable option and have it on your backpack. Rome is a city where you walk a lot, so be mindful of your outfit choice.

Another big tip to keep in mind is the color palette if you like specific aesthetics. Rome offers many bricks, stone, and earthy stone constructions. Cobblestone and narrow streets, fountains, and magnificent plazas. So, if you ask me, I prefer warm and earthy colors instead of the bright white wedding dress and harsh black suit. But this is entirely up to you since we can find spots to complement a traditional look too.

When is the best time to visit Rome?

Well, when you love Rome, any time is ideal, but it does get crowded during peak months such as July and August. January and February are the coldest months with rain every other day, so if you prefer a dry elopement, avoid those months, although the city looks pretty amazing during winter. May, June, September, and October are some ideal months to visit Rome because you will find fewer crowds and pleasant weather.