So, you have decided to elope and forgo the traditional wedding, congratulations! You are in for an adventure hand to hand with your partner. Now that you decided to begin your marriage with an uncommon celebration, it is time to choose the location, and I have an idea as unique as you can imagine, Iceland.

Picture an island with geysers, hot springs, volcanoes, lava fields, and impressive glaciers. Plus, here you can watch one of the most incredible natural spectacles, the northern lights. Imagine arriving in a cozy cabin or camping on the Westfjords. If you are more into the luxury style, you can always choose one of the many resorts near the famous Blue Lagoon.

If you are starting to fall in love with this amazing place, tell me all there is to know and the main tips to plan your upcoming Iceland elopement. As an elopement photographer, I can only say Iceland is a unique place in the world; here, you can find it all, winter backdrops, black sand beaches, and days without nights.

How to get legally married in Iceland.

Getting married in a different country than your own might seem like an overwhelming task. Still, if you wish to get legally married during your Iceland elopement, you must know exactly what documents you need to have a legal union.

You can get married in Iceland even if you are from another country; you must submit the required documents at least three weeks before your wedding date. The process can be made via email, and you would only need to present original documents once you arrive on the island. Here are the general requirements:

  • Marriage notification. The equivalent of a marriage license, this document must be filled by the couple and officiant.
  • Birth certificates.
  • Certificate of marital status.
  • Valid passports.
  • What do I need for my Iceland elopement?

    Now that you know the documents you need to get legally married and the reason why you should choose this unique eloping location, there are some extra tips I have for your elopement to be perfect and smooth.

  • Find out if the location you are thinking about for your ceremony requires a permit. Most places are free, but you might need to pay a fee if you wish to use a private space.
  • Be flexible with your timeline; you can not put a time to an adventure, perhaps you had it all planned, and you find a beautiful place you did not even know about, or maybe you want to extend your stay at one location.
  • Always pack hiking boots and rain gear, especially if you are planning a winter elopement.
  • Have a plan B and C, winter weather can be unpredictable, and perhaps the spot you had in mind is inaccessible or too hard to reach; having another option already planned will give you peace of mind.
  • Choose a warm wedding attire; even during the summer, temperatures can be chilly; try to have something to cover up if you choose to have a light wedding dress.
  • If you are planning to have a ceremony or photos taken with a waterfall as your backdrop, be mindful of your shoes and dress because you will most likely have to climb or hike thru mud to get to that location.
  • You will also need an officiant for your ceremony, transportation, accommodation, perhaps a hair and makeup artist, and of course, a professional elopement photographer to capture every moment.
  • Activities after your ceremony.

    Iceland has many activities for you and your partner to do the day of your elopement or during your stay if you choose to have your honeymoon on this amazing island. The most popular activity is watching the Northern Lights or hunting them. Ice carving and river rafting are seasonal activities as well as the Northern Lights.

    Some year-round activities include horseback riding, ice climbing, whale watching, snorkeling, ATV biking, helicopter riding, and caving. Plus, you can rent a car and discover the island yourself; this is a great idea if you are eloping on a budget since sightseeing is always available and for free.