Have you ever thought about how soon you picture the Eiffel tower whenever you hear the word, France?

Do not get me wrong; it is natural since Paris and its landmark are some of the most

interesting places to visit when you are in France.

But this European counRty has so much more to offer for your upcoming elopement.

France is a country with a diversity of landscapes, a vast coastline, a portion of the Alps with the highest peak, the Mont Blanc, and even a Mediterranean island with picturesque surroundings and a beautiful forest. You can even have a medieval elopement in one of the many historic villages.

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind adventure and not the usual Paris background for your adventure elopement, keep reading because we have found some hidden French gems for you.

Wedding couple in a lavender field at sunset, bride and groom


The north coast of France offers stunning cliffs and scenarios for your elopement ceremony; it is located just two hours away from Paris, in Normandy. The rocky terrain offers a beach with many arches and caves for your elopement photography. It is a perfect spot for your bohemian or romantic elopement.


On the southern border where France meets Italy and the Mediterranean, you will find a unique town with a wide diversity of natural wonders. There is an ideal place for everyone,

from beaches to mountains and even islands.

Provence is known for its infinite lavender fields, the alpine Parc National du Mercantour with its magnificent trails, waterfalls, and mountains. Gorges du Verdon is another popular location for elopements; this river canyon is ideal for adventurous couples who seek to enjoy rapids,

hiking trails, and unbeatable views.

Volcanoes of Auvergne

If uncommon is the word that best describes you as a couple, you should look into this unique location. I would not say it is a popular one, which means your elopement photos will be incomparable. The Chaîne des Puys is a range of 80 volcanoes, and from The Puy de Dôme, you overlook all of them.

Pink Granite Coast

A breathtaking coastline with giant pink granite stones along more than thirty kilometers, contrasting with the turquoise blue waters. It is one of the three coasts in the world that feature

this particular characteristic.

Elopements in this unique European coastline are beyond beautiful; imagine your gorgeous wedding dress contrasting the pink edges and blue sea, a dreamy atmosphere to

capture the magic of your French elopement.


We cannot leave out the most popular and romantic city globally; Paris is the classic destination for couples who love the glamour and sophistication of this historic and stunning city. While we know even the most unknown corner of this city is beautiful and unique, we recommend you choose a rooftop

with views of the city of lights.

And if you are in love with the beauty of its landmark, the Eiffel tower, do not hesitate and celebrate your ceremony right in front of it. This cosmopolitan city offers countless opportunities for adventure, but you can also enjoy sightseeing and visiting its world-renowned cultural spaces.


Are you looking for an island adventure? France's secluded and hidden gem is Corsica, where you can exchange vows in multiple locations, a sandy beach, a hilltop village with incredible views, or a natural reserve such as Scandola Nature Reserve.

The Restonica Valley offers beautiful mountain scenarios for adventurous couples. It is easily accessible, and the Restonica gorges are the perfect spot for your elopement; picture a river valley, boulders, and calm pools of green water, all while being surrounded by mountains.


The Iberian Peninsula is separated from Europe by the Pyrenees Mountain, which stretches for more than 430 kilometers along with Spain and France. This is the perfect location for hiking couples regardless of the level of difficulty you prefer. Another amazing experience you can have as you stay here to celebrate your newlywed days is skiing in one of the many available resorts.

Calanques National Park

While this location is nested in Provence, France, it deserves its spot on our list. Have you ever imagined how paradise should be? For me, Calanques is paradise on earth; the deep blue waters, stunning cliffs, biodiversity, and natural beauty is like no other.

Exploring this national park takes more than a few hours; if you want to celebrate your ceremony here, you can stay for the next couple of days and enjoy a unique honeymoon surrounded by natural perfection.

Lac d'Annecy

Crystal clear waters, mountain springs, and a medieval town are some of the stunning characteristics of this charming town. This lakeside village has a 13th-century building named The Château de Menthon-Saint-Bernard, overlooking Menthon-Saint-Bernard. And if you prefer a beach setting, head to Saint-Jorioz, a popular beach with mountain peaks as a backdrop.

French Alps

If we have learned something about France is how diverse its natural landscapes are, and to top it all off, we have the French Alps. An epic adventure destination, whether you visit during the snowy winter or the bright summer days, this destination has something unbelievable to offer.

Winter elopements are rare and uncommon since most couples seek a summer destination. But can you only imagine the massive mountains covered in snow right behind you as you exchange vows? As an elopement photographer, I can imagine the possibilities this location has for a dreamy winter elopement.

France is a country of many faces, from the glamorous city of Paris to the charming southern region. It surely has a place for every couple, regardless of the style and aesthetic you are looking for. France is the ideal destination for a magical elopement, and no elopement is complete without a professional and skilled photographer. If you are still looking for the perfect one, please get in touch with me; I would be more than happy to be part of your love story.