Destination Wedding Photograper

Hello, It's Me!

Even before a photographer, I'm a dreamer and nature lover, full time dad and insatiable traveller. I've been working and living in the US, Canada and London, but now I call Italy my home. With my brand I used to shoot huge and gorgeous weddings around the world, but 2 years ago I decided to focus on elopements and intimate weddings, so I can be closer to you, the most important heroes of my work. If you're ready for an adventure, head over to the CONTACT page to send me a quick hello.




Those moments are what I want to capture, not the cheesy posed ones that you never actually have. I want to give you an album with real love, with the look on your parents as they see its child going to the arms of true love. I want to forever capture your real simile while you carelessly danced. I want to show real moments, looks, and love.


The way I work requires little intervention. If you book an engagement session with me, you will notice that I will be a bit chatty, asking questions and directing you throughout the photoshoot.

But it is all part of the process of getting to build a relationship with you and break the ice.

When your wedding day arrives, I will be some kind of ghost that intervenes only when necessary. And it is nothing to worry about; I want your big day to unfold as naturally as possible. I am not mad or tired. I am only focused on getting the most beautiful pictures.


and probably cry too...

Your family and friends want you to feel free to laugh, cry, and dance as if no one was looking. I want to take a photo of your groom as he first sees you, the look on your mother while you dance as a couple, and your best friend teary eyes as you walk down the aisle.

My interventions will be minimum. I will fix the tie, the bow, your veil, and your hair. That will be it. I don't want you to notice me or feel self-conscious about my camera. I want you to enjoy every minute of your wedding, knowing you will relive it thru my photos for the rest of your life.

When I give my advice, you can know it comes from someone who has been in your seat. I was there, dreaming about a perfect wedding, talking about our expectations, what we did and did not want. Telling each other not to make money the main concern and not to let anyone

impose their wishes over ours.


Then together, we started to adapt our dreams into reality. We wanted to arrive on a cloud, but that was not possible. We prioritize and compromise, but only on those things we did not need. When it comes to your wedding, you must set a goal and work to get there,

but you also need to be conscious of limitations.

My greatest piece of advice is that you plan the wedding you want as a couple, not what your parents want for you, or what your friends did for their wedding. Sit down and let everyone's expectations out the door, only focus on what you need and want.

And if that means eloping solo, inviting only your close family and friends, or perhaps having a wedding with 500 guests, then do it, but only if it is what you want. Stay true to your wishes and dreams so that when you look back on your wedding day, there are no regrets.

If you ask any married couple, they only remember how much fun they had, how they danced until dawn, and the many stories that happened. A wedding always has setbacks, but if you manage to focus on what is really important, you will enjoy the little things

that did not go as planned.


You are celebrating love. What are the chances of finding a person among billions that can make you laugh, hold your hand in the darkest times, and walk alongside you in this limited time we call life? Rain, a stain in your dress, or a cold soup do not sound so important if you really think about it.

I am a photographer that fully commits to capturing love, no matter the circumstances. It does not matter if you only book an engagement session or a full wedding coverage. When you choose me as your photographer, I am all in; my entire self, knowledge, experience, and soul are more than 100% there for you.