The classic image of a bride wearing a white dress with a long train and flowy fabric is not the dream of every woman. And I can understand why the idea of wearing a long and layered attire does not appeal to you, it can be uncomfortable if you are planning an adventurous elopement, and perhaps it does not suit your personality.

But there is good news if you feel like a traditional wedding dress is not for you. Nowadays, you can find amazing and unique alternatives to wear on your big day without involving a fluffy white dress. Let me introduce you to the bridal world of jumpsuits and suits.

Keep in mind a bridal jumpsuit could be your main outfit of the day or a unique second bridal outfit to relax after the ceremony and enjoy the evening in comfort while looking astonishing, obviously. And suppose you love the classic bridal look for your elopement. In that case, a bridal jumpsuit could magnifically suit your wedding-related celebrations, such as a post elopement bridal shower or elopement announcement party. Their versatility will make you want to wear them every day.

The best part of all is their rising popularity has encouraged some of the most popular bridal designers to include them in their collections, giving you a wide range of options. Because even if a jumpsuit does not look like a piece you could personalize, you will find many different styles, some with embroidery, others with lace details, and some others with a modern vibe and sleek silhouettes.

Since the options are countless, I have gathered some interesting designs for every style and budget to know where to look and what suits your personality better, and the aesthetic you are searching to

portrait on your upcoming elopement.


Imagine an elegant satin jumpsuit with a beautiful v neckline and long sleeves, or perhaps a heart shape neckline and a sequin wide-leg jumpsuit. Possibilities are endless. From beads to crystals, scoop, and square necklines, the elegance of a bridal jumpsuit relies on the beauty of its materials.

One of the options you can find online is Tadashi Shoji, a designer with many bridal jumpsuits at different prices. And styles from simple and classy to lavish and luxurious. BHLDN has some outstanding designs due to its collaborations with top bridal designers like Monique Lhuillier and Hayley Paige. Ivy & Oak is a German Brand with many budget-friendly options for an elegant and timeless bride.


One of the most popular bridal styles is related to romance, and it is the ideal aesthetic for elopements that involve magical locations such as European cities. So, if you are planning your Florence or Rome elopement, what better way to complement the landscape than with a stunning and romantic bridal jumpsuit.

Lace and flowy fabrics are ideal for romantic scenes; you can have a laced top, small lace details on the neckline, or a full lace jumpsuit. If you prefer a simple jumpsuit and romantic accessories, you can add a lace and chiffon cape to complement your outfit. Tadashi Shoji has many lace designs. Galina Signature is available in Davids Bridal stores. One of the most comfortable and romantic designs is the Brocade illusion romper; it features an overskirt that makes it look like a girly and flowy design with all the comfort of a romper. An affordable option is Lulus, with many bridal jumpsuits that will fit your pocket and style.


The Bohemian bride is characterized by ethereal and natural fabrics, with a vintage look and a modern approach. Lace, pom-pom details, and beads are some of the most common materials. A bohemian jumpsuit will most likely feature long and flowy sleeves, an intricate neckline, and many details on the top and bottom.

Dame and Maiden are known for their bohemian wedding dress designs and now have a couple of jumpsuits within their bridal collection. Samantha Stokes bridal also has a beautiful chiffon jumpsuit with pom-pom details in the sleeves, which, by the way, are cape-style and turn a regular jumpsuit into a unique piece.


While most brides who seek a distinctive bridal style are modern, the modern jumpsuit style is a category itself. Modern bridal styles are minimalistic, chic, and sleek. They can also include unique features such as a backless design or a split leg. They are far from the traditional sweet and classic look, and many times they include bold accessories or colors.

Ivy & Oak has designs that fall into the simple but modern category. ASOS is an online and popular retailer with plenty of options for your elopement attire. They even have a wedding collection and several jumpsuits for you to choose from. Pretty Lavish is a great option to stay within your budget without sacrificing your style. Revolve, a UK online retailer, offers a large collection of

bridal jumpsuits with a wide range of prices.

Two-Piece Bridal Suit

Suits give us the feeling of power; whenever you wear one, you feel like you can eat the world and get to wherever you need to. If you are looking for that type of outfit and comfort for your elopement, we cannot agree more, suits are powerful pieces of clothing, and they make a statement,

especially when you wear them on your wedding day.

Suits come in many sizes and shapes, from a classic cut to an oversized or crop bottom. And you can choose a classic suit fabric or make it more feminine by selecting a chiffon bottom and a lace top along with a classic jacket. Temperley London offers a couple of options for your bridal suit, and they come in different colors like light blue, cream, and pink.

Elopements are untraditional and uncommon; they are also an amazing way to start your marriage under your rules. And if your style is as unique as your wedding will be, you should find an outfit to suit the occasion. Jumpsuits, suits, and rompers are perfect for an adventure elopement or brides who are unwilling to fight with a heavy and voluminous attire. Plus, they can be as bridal or simple as you wish, and you can accessorize them to match the style of your elopement and your personality.

I hope you have found some inspiration along with the variety of jumpsuit styles, and if you are planning your dreamed trip to elope, do not hesitate and contact me to capture every moment of your magical union. When you elope, the pressure is off, but also the hundreds of cameras following you.

That is why it becomes important to hire a professional elopement photographer,

which could be me if you let me be part of your love history.