Beautiful stylish  couple walks holding hands in a California mountain landscape.


Fifty states, countless national parks, two oceans surrounding the country, and endless opportunities to plan the adventure elopement of your dreams. The United States is home to many world-renowned cities; who has not dreamed about visiting New York and its statue of liberty or the famous Las Vegas? But besides those all-times favorites, this country has many natural wonders, and they are all perfect for your upcoming elopement.

If you are in the early stages of your international elopement plans or are a local looking for a hidden gem within your country, look no further because I have the best places to elope in the US listed right below and great tips for you to enjoy one of the most important days of your life.

The US is located in North America; each of its 50 states features unbelievable beautiful natural landmarks, everything from sunny beaches to hot deserts, rain forests, high mountain peaks, glaciers, volcanoes, and even some polar tundra. The possibilities for your elopement are many, and we are about to discover why the US is a great option for your elopement.

Redwood National Forest, California.

Redwoods forest features some of the tallest and oldest trees on the planet, reaching up to 300 feet tall. The magnificence of the redwoods is breathtaking; you will get to feel like you are stepping into the dinosaur’s era with these giant trees surrounding you. They are the perfect setting for your fairytale elopement, plus you will find many other species surrounding the area.

When eloping to this magical setting, do keep in mind that we will walk and perhaps hike to get to amazing spots for your photos, so be mindful of your outfit and shoes. The best time to visit is summer since the chances of raindrops and temperatures are warmer. October to April is a no for this location since it receives an average of 60 to 80 inches of rain, making it impossible to get to a nice spot.

Moab, Utah.

Are you a couple who enjoys silence, camping, hiking, and admiring a desertic landscape? Well, then you are in for a treat because Moab Utah has all of it and much more. This Midwest hidden jewel is home to two National Parks and some iconic red rock formations. It is the ideal destination for a couple who enjoys adventure and wishes for a secluded elopement.

Just imagine exchanging vows on top of a cliff overlooking the amazing red rock formations below, contrasting with the blue skies. Rain and rivers have carefully carved the edges of this canyon, creating a landscape that could easily be taken out from a Mars-inspired movie. Or how about finding an arch rock formation to have the most magical ceremony.

While the two national parks in Moab are open all year, my advice is to visit during spring and fall, when visitors are less, and temperatures are cool enough to practice outdoor activities. I highly recommend you avoid summer since temperatures often reach 40 C.

North Cascades National Park, Washington.

Glaciers, green mountains, alpine lakes, and flower-filled meadows. Many compare the North Cascades to a scene from the Swiss Alps; it hosts some of the most dramatic peaks of the country. The beauty of the mountains filled with pine trees contrasting against turquoise and pristine waters is out of this world.

This location is ideal for couples who enjoy hikes and those who want to include their four-legged best friend since all the hiking trails are dog-friendly. It is the perfect setting for your adventure elopement, and while most places are free for your ceremony, some might require a permit. The only downside of this national park is the weather because snow covers most of the trails until July, making it accessible to October. And even if snow might cut some slack, be prepared for some summer rain.

Oregon Waterfalls.

Are you dreaming of saying I do in front of a magical waterfall? If that is the case, Oregon is the state you must visit. You can find over 250 waterfalls around the state; some are easily accessible, while others can only be appreciated from a distance. Latourell Falls is an easy one, only a short drive from Portland and with a nearby parking lot.

Waterfalls will flow during winter and spring; by summer, many dry up due to the rising temperatures. But getting the perfect spot under a waterfall might be tricky since they are flowing during the rainy season, so if you do not mind getting a little wet, start the adventure and plan your elopement here.