The Best Places To Elope


Choosing the location of your adventure elopement is the hardest decision you must make. As an elopement photographer, couples always have a hard time with this, and they do not know where to start. When you have so many options, it can get overwhelming.

My advice is to sit down as a couple and start talking about what each of you would prefer. It should be a meaningful place for both. Some couples figure this out quickly, but if you have a hard time, simply close your eyes and picture a relaxing moment.

You get to go anywhere you want. What do you see? A calm and secluded beach, a castle, a private property surrounded by woodland,

a desert, or a lake.

Write down your favorite three landscapes, see which you have and common, and agree on one. Now it is time to go more specific, figure if you want to stay local, go overseas, and learn about the requirements that would imply. Going to a different country where you do not know the language or where a special immigration law will require you to do extra paperwork is considered. Once you weigh in the possibilities, make a list of your top potential locations.

Another big conversation you must have involves money. Every wedding and elopement need to have a realistic budget. There is a common misconception regarding elopements. While they save you some money in comparison with traditional weddings,

you still need to spend.

The main difference is that your money will be spent on the experiences you want. The money you would spend in feeding hundreds can go to anything you want, an extended vacation, the dress of your dreams, a five-star dinner, gear to hike and camp, you name it.

While elopements sound like a dreamy and romantic experience, you need to have a clear idea and realistic expectations about your big day. Research and gather all the necessary information about your location and other couples' experiences. Being informed will allow you to prepare and avoid any inconveniences.

When you know your location, budget, and vision of how you want your elopement to be, it is time to find your photographer. Just like every couple is unique, photographers are too. And there is one photographer destined for each couple. I have plenty of experience, and perhaps you love my work, but we need to meet and see if we are on the same channel. If we get each other and connect,

we can start planning your dreams' elopement together.

Love is a unique emotion, and to capture meaningful photos of such a special moment in your life, I need to understand what love means to you, how you see it and how you express it. I must understand your vision so that each photo I take has a meaning and gets to your heart. You must let me see you as you truly are. If you do, every photo will be memorable and priceless.

Your everyday love is not like an Instagram post. Love is about small gestures, like asking how your day was and listening to it and giving you a hug to comfort you. It is about the complicity you share with a look and how you can tell

if your partner wants to leave a crowded place without saying a word.




41°52'19" N 12°34'2.6" E

My Home Country! From the waterside manors encompassing George Clooney's Lake Como turf to the field homes in the midst of the moving slopes of Tuscany to the vivid shores of the Amalfi Coast through the glorious Alps & Dolomites, Italy simply has all the best scenarios possible for you adventure elopement or intimate wedding.



64°57'47" N 19°1'15" W

Iceland is one of the top elopement destinations in the world. With its gorgeous landscapes, it’s easy to see why. Many of my couples want to elope to Iceland, but there are so many areas to pick from that many feel overwhelmed. I created a comprehensive list of locations and tips for you to be aware of when you elope in Iceland.



39°4'27.1" N 21°49'27.5" E

Eloping in Greece is the absolute adventure. Greece, with its mild climate, blue skies and warm, hospitable people is an ideal destination throughout the year; nature is always beautiful here, no matter what the season is. The magical sunsets of Santorini will take your breath away. You will fall in love with Paros as you walk hand in hand with your sweetheart on the narrow cobblestone roads. Mykonos will steal your heart away with its iconic windmills, golden beaches and cosmopolitan glamor.  And Athens will definitely fascinate you with its timeless charm, rich cultural heritage and plethora of sights and attractions.



37°5'24.9" N 95°42'46.4" W

From the red deserts of Utah to the lush forests of Washington State to the mossy trees of the southeastern United States, the US is full of beautiful elopement locations. It has pretty much every landscape you could imagine (and hands-down some of the best places to elope in the world). No matter the season you’re looking to elope during, you can find an epic and romantic spot to call yours for your elopement ceremony.



60°28'19.3" N 8°28'8.2" E

Norway is a fantastic place for you and your partner to elope in. It is a fantastic country with lots of endless possibilities and many amazing sceneries. Some of the most dynamic and historic landscapes are found in Norway. This is one place that you and your partner would surely love to elope in.



31°47'30.1" N 7°5'33.4" W

If you fancy a trend focused destination wedding, Morocco is certainly going to excite from eclectic Marrakech to the picturesque Atlas mountains, this Country is certainly equipped for the most magical of wedding celebrations. With hot weather a given and backdrops like nowhere else in the world, Morocco can be seen as somewhat of a dream destination. Imagine, traditional cuisine of tagines with Moroccan spices and authentic mint tea, Arabian night sunsets and dramatic Arabic architecture.



46°13'39.5" N 2°12'49.5" E

Most people, when they imagine an elopement in France, immediately think of Paris. What could be more romantic than eloping to Paris with your love and saying “I do” with the iconic Eiffel Tower as your ceremony backdrop? Have your intimate wedding in Paris with a movie-worthy setting and make long-lasting memories.



56°7'49.3" N 106°20'48.4" W

Dare I say that, Canada might be North America’s best kept secret for destination weddings?  Indeed!  Above all, planning adventure weddings & elopements in Canada means that you in every season there are countless options for jaw dropping locations!  As a result, no matter where you live in North America, getting to all parts of Canada is relatively easy.



47°30'58.4" N 14°33'0.3" E

Austria has been under the radar for couples wanting to marry in Europe because the country is not dead set at promoting their territory to tourists. Austria's priority has always been to preserve their historic towns and old communities . When you choose Austria for your big day, expect elopement spots and wedding venues in mountain villages that are surrounded by unspoiled nature like you've never seen before.



46°49'5.5" N 8°13'39" E

Switzerland is just overflowing with spectacular nature. In every corner of the landlocked country, you’re bound to stumble upon surreal scenery and natural places that will take your breath away and give you a sense of the powerful natural forces that shaped this country. Alpine scenery and dense forests, ancient glacial valleys and an abundance of waterfalls are just a fraction of what you can expect to find when celebrating your wedding in Switzerland.



53°24'46.5" N 8°14'38" W

Breathtaking mountains, cliffs, and enchanting lakes. Castle ruins and still operational castles where you can elope in Ireland in unbelievable surroundings.

Ireland is definetely an adventure elopement dream location!


55°57'11.7" N 3°11'17.7" W

Scotland has it all when it comes to romantic elopement locations: epic mountains, pristine beaches, ancient woods and magical lochs. Any one of these could be the backdrop to your elopement wedding ceremony.

Have You Found The Most Perfect Elopement Location

For You and Your Partner?

I hope the list above has helped in anyways possible. If you’re stuck, no worries, reach out so I can help guide you with more locations and resources