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How To Plan A Wedding In The Alps

The Alps are the highest and most extensive mountain range that lies entirely in European territory, going across 8 alpine countries: Monaco, Liechtenstein, Slovenia, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, France, and Austria. These alpine destinations are full of rich traditional cultures, with sceneries that look straight out of a postcard. This mountain range is most famous for its emblematic peaks, like Mont Blanc and Mont Rosa.

The extreme geography of these destinations gives place to beautiful settings for the wedding you have always dreamed of. And not only is it pretty to look at, but there is also a large variety of activities, traditions, and climates to explore across The Alps.


Even though most alpine countries allow marriages for non-residents, there are more complications in some countries than in others. Most times, the complications are the endless bureaucracy and paperwork involved in getting married in a completely different country than the one you are from. And while it is not impossible to deal with the preparation of paperwork yourself, you might want to consider hiring a local wedding planner from the alpine country you will be getting married at, to have a stress-free wedding experience and have someone in charge of dealing with the correct documentation and get legally married in the country of your choice.

If the process sounds like a hassle, you can always opt for signing your marriage license in your native country and just travel to the Alps for a symbolic wedding ceremony instead. That way, you can avoid the mountains of paperwork that could stress you out on your special day.

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Although it is possible to get married legally in this very romantic destination, there is a catch: you need to be a resident in France for at least 40 days before being able to get married there. This is a huge inconvenience for most couples, so I advise you to get married where you live beforehand and travel to the French Alps for a symbolic celebration that does not require you to deal with the legalities of it all.


Luckily for you, this country has no residency requirements for getting married, but not so fast; you still have some paperwork to go through. You must submit your paperwork to the local Standesamt (civil registry office) before your special day.

The ceremony is performed at this local registry office, but keep in mind that the ceremony is in German, so unless you are familiar with the language, you might want to get a translator. Now, some of these Standesamts are quite relaxed and will let you bring your translator, or they might even provide you with one! Others, especially in big cities, require a court-certified translator.

You might be thinking it is kind of boring to get married at a registry office, so you will be happy to hear that there are a small number of offices that have outdoor locations where they conduct the ceremonies. Still, there is also the possibility to have a legal ceremony in a mountain hut in some places!


Italy follows the example of Austria, allows non-residents to get married. Just like in the previous case, you need to submit your paperwork to the local registry office in advance of the day you are getting married. In most regions near the Alps, a local official conducts the marriage ceremony in either Italian or German (depending on the province you decide upon). Also, if you are not in love with the idea of getting married at the mayor’s office, many areas allow couples to get married at an approved outside location, and there are some gorgeous locations.


This alpine country is also an extremely popular wedding location, and fortunately for you, it also allows non-residents to get legally married there. However, this does not apply across the board since it varies from town to town, so you will have to look into the region you will be getting married in. It is also worth noting that, unlike other countries, a wedding planner cannot submit your documents to the registry office on your behalf, so you will have to file them at a Swiss embassy or consulate.


If this is the alpine country of your choice, you must know that just like France, it only allows you to get married after a certain period of residence in Germany, which is 21 days. Because of this, couples often forget about getting legally married there and instead plan a symbolic ceremony or maybe a vow reading, whichever floats your boat.

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Despite Europe being mostly accepting of LGBTQ couples, marriage is not a reality in many places. When it comes to alpine countries, some support marriage equality, such as Austria, Germany, and France. Other countries in the alpine region recognize civil unions between same-sex couples but not legal marriage equality.


When we think of the Alps, we normally picture snowy mountains, ski resorts, and really cold weather (which are also a reality, and we will discuss them in a bit). Still, summer also hits the Alps, and with it, a whole different range of activities you can incorporate into your elopement.

Picture a sunny day in a green valley at the foot of a huge mountain, just like a fantasy story, maybe some cowbells jingling in the distance, sheep, and goats roaming the scenery. It sounds like a dream, especially if you are a couple into all sorts of outdoor activities. The Alps in the summer involve thrilling hiking, mountain climbing, rafting across immense green lakes, paddling, mountain biking, camping, you name it!

In the Alps, seasons are well defined, and you can usually see them arrive, so as soon as spring snow melts, you can notice summer rolling in, which is around June. July and August are the warmest months, while June can be a bit chilly in the evenings, and September might bring some rain with it, so be mindful of the weather if you are planning your special day for summertime in the Alps.

Summer settings in the Alps are perfect for your wedding adventure and involve many fun activities to do with your couple as newlyweds. You might be into nature and exploring the forests and mountains, or perhaps you are more inclined to appreciate the local traditional culture and gastronomy. Whatever your preference is, the Alps have it all, and summertime is a beautiful time to visit and live out the elopement of your dreams.


Summer weddings in the Alps sound like a dream, but maybe you are thinking about a dream-like winter wedding. If that is the case, winter weddings in the Alps are for you. Imagine your special day in a snowy fairytale in a real-life winter wonderland. You can ride a sleigh through the alpine slopes and spend some time in a luxury chalet, admiring the view of snowcapped peaks and their incredible potential for your wedding photos.

But if you are into the fun stuff, remember that not only can you get married in the snow, but you can also try snow sports such as skiing and snowboarding, and many others that you can incorporate

as part of your elopement activities!

If extreme sports are not your thing, you can always stay at a resort and enjoy their romantic hot tubs and drink some hot beverages if it gets chilly. And for nature lovers, you might want to consider renting a cabin in the mountains, where you can spend some time as a newlywed couple while enjoying

the magnificent view and the magical weather.

This magical setting and wide arrange of activities make for the perfect elopement location that is great in pictures and appearance and allows you to live amazing moments with your couple, which you guys will remember for years to come. And if you want to share those memories with your loved ones, please give me a call. I am all in for the adventure, and I will follow you in a ski, a snowboard, and even a sleight to take the most memorable photos of your elopement.

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