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What's The Difference Between Elopement and Intimate Wedding?

They sound alike, but both have different characteristics. The main difference between an adventure elopement and an intimate wedding is the size. Specifically, the number of guests, an elopement involves a limited guest list, usually 10 or less.

For an intimate wedding, 30 guests are the common limit.

For me, intimate weddings and elopements are interchangeable terms. In essence, they involve a celebration with those who you really want to be surrounded by. I understand the importance of having your family and friends witness your marriage. I did not want to cut them off either.

Some vendors and elopement photographers change their rates and packages in relation to your guest count. If you add one guest, the cost goes up, and their approach to your elopement changes entirely.

I believe an intimate wedding and elopement have the same essence. They both involve an intentional will of experiencing the moment with your nearest and dearest. That is why my elopement and intimate wedding packages can include up to 30 guests. With that number, the experience is as intimate as if it were only you and your partner. If you want to have a larger but still intimate elopement,

my standard wedding packages adjust to your needs.

Would it be a good idea for us to Elope?

My experience as an elopement photographer has taught me that the couples who choose to elope have one characteristic in common, they do not want to do what others think they are supposed to do at a wedding. It is not that they do not value traditions, but they choose which ones are meaningful and important. They appreciate intimacy and conscious experiences.

When you elope, you can celebrate your ceremony alone and have a reception later. You can rent a cabin and have a weekend getaway with your close family. You choose if you want a religious or symbolic ceremony, or if you want to say I do in the middle of a river.

Every decision is up to you, without interventions, your choice.

Where Should We Elope?

Choosing the location of your elopement can be compared to picking a wedding venue. It is the decision that determines the aesthetic and personality of your entire celebration. With the difference that instead of four walls,

you will have nature and its unique landscapes all around.

Since you do not have to accommodate your wedding to fit a certain number of guests or their personal needs, you have a big and wide range of options to choose from. There is no limit. Close your eyes and picture yourself in your wedding attire, with your partner by your side. What do you see? Is it the ocean, the city skyline, tall pine trees, a river flowing, rocky desert formations? We all have a picture in our mind for our wedding day, start there and tell me all about it. I will help you find the right place, time, and date.

I have no wand, but I guarantee you I will get my magic to work to plan the elopement of your dreams.

When Is The Best Time To Elope?

Choosing the date of your elopement is as important as your location. There are two ways to narrow down the best time of the year to elope. You can start with a specific date, perhaps your anniversary, or the day you got engaged, a meaningful date. Or you can choose the atmosphere you prefer; for example, if you want a summer wedding or a snowy background, that fact will determine the season you should elope.

Here are some other factors that can help you decide the best date if a specific date is not important to you.

  • Crowds can get in the way of a beautiful ceremony. If you choose a tourist location, try to set the date on a weekday rather than a weekend or low season.
  • If you have a specific location in mind, share it with me to advise when the best moment is to visit. We must consider crowds, weather, and other restrictions.
  • When photos are important to you (I love this type of couple), prepare yourself for an adventure. The best portraits happen with the right light; no matter the weather, rain, or shine, I can deliver flawless photos, just be prepared to follow me to the perfect spot before sunrise or after sunset. Those are my favorite moments.
  • How do we elope? Where do we start?

    Finding the right photographer for your elopement is no easy task. When you plan an intimate wedding, there are not hundreds of cameras to capture your marriage, so you need to choose wisely. If you want me on your side for this adventure of a lifetime,

    here is what you need to know.

  • Be sure you want to elope. Learn all the pros and cons of an intimate celebration with unique experiences and decide if it is for you.
  • Do your research and get inspired by other elopements. Search stories of couples that have eloped and their experience.
  • When you have a vision, and you are certain about eloping, contact me and tell me all about it.
  • After those steps, we can now start working on your dreamed elopement, and this is how we will do it together.

  • First contact. We set up a meeting over the phone, video call, or whatever you prefer to get to know you, hear your story, your expectations, and answer all the questions you might have.
  • Save the date. Once you wisely choose me to capture your adventure, it is time to get serious. We will sign a contract, and I will ask you for a retainer fee to reserve your date.
  • Start planning. This is the next and most exciting step. The day your inquiry and tell me all about your dreams, I start working. I want your elopement photos to be more than just a portrait of a couple in nature. I want to tell your story, to reflect your love in an organic and authentic form. For me is more about providing an experience and result that truly captures you, rather than just nailing a pretty sunrise. To achieve my goal, I will scout for the best location, recommend specific times and paths, and help you write your timeline so when the day comes, you get to experience it and not worry about anything else.
  • Recommendations. Although it might seem that you only need me to elope because I will take care of taking beautiful pictures and help you plan your big day, in reality, you probably need more vendors. But nothing to worry about, since you have me, and I can help you find the right vendors for your small elopement or provide a list of planners that can help you with larger celebrations.
  • Elopement day. The only thing left after all the above is to get ready, arrive in your adventure elopement location, say I do, kiss your partner, enjoy the moment while you dance, and pour a drink. All of that while your experienced elopement photographer (that is me again) captures awesome photos for you to enjoy and relive for years to come.
  • What Should We Expect From An Experienced

    Adventure Elopement Photographer?



    Each couple is unique, I know it sounds clichΓ©, but it is true. Being a wedding and elopement photographer takes more than editing skills and the right equipment. An elopement is the culmination of your love story and the start of a new life stage. I want to know everything important for your relationship, where you met, how you spend your time, what you treasure about each other, how you interact.

    To get to really see you, I will have constant communication, meetings, facetime, and personalized questions. All the information about your relationship will give me a sense of familiarity. I need to know you to reflect who you are. Each couple wants to have unique photos, which I do best, a customized and unique experience.

    Guidance And Resources

    Elopements are not as common as you think, everyone can provide advice about traditional weddings, but who can tell you if the hiking trail you choose is pet friendly if you need a permit to celebrate your ceremony at the top of a mountain, when is the best moment to capture the right light, if the waterfall you want as a backdrop is accessible when you plan to elope, do you need a visa to get married in the country you want?

    Those questions are not common, but as an elopement photographer, I have the right answers, and I will guide you and advise you through the entire process. My commitment to the couples that choose me as their photographer is unmeasurable. I will help you from day one until the party is over.



    The biggest thing you need while planning your dreamed adventure elopement is to have someone by your side working along with you, not telling you what to do. I can take amazing photos, edit them, and coordinate everything around. But your collaboration is what gives me the material to know who you are as a couple.

    Capturing elopements takes more than clicking a button and deliver photos where you appear. I will put all my knowledge, experience, and creativity so you can look at your elopement photos and say, wow, that is more than I dreamed for. I will give you my honest opinion and respect yours, but my goal is to take the best photos possible, and the only way to do it is with teamwork.





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